e-Quantum 宇量
What constitutes the “Cosmic Life Energy”?

Utilizing a variety of the "Cosmic Life Energy" our company has researched and developed helps to trigger and induct a "Greater cosmic life energy", and its embodiment niche works to create harmonized resonance with the human body's microcosmic life energy, which in turn activates the most primitive cosmic life energy hidden within the human body; some refer to it as the potential capabilities, subliminal cognition, one's core energy, spiritual soul, or virtual atoms and so forth, a mechanism that serves to unleash one's own life energy.

As the cosmic life energy already exists in the human body, just that it has not been unleashed, unleashing the energy through correct methods can help to enhance one's physiological functions to achieve physical stamina, and purifies one's soul and mind, and enlightens one's wisdom.

How does it achieve quantum connection, surpass the time and space, and embodiment?

With the Yi Jing stating, "the universe is all, and that all is covered by the universe", the human body, as part of the natural universe, can surpass the conventional confines through the high-end physical encryption technology using the signal encryption technology. The communication key that acts to bridge nature's signals with the human body's physical matters, and the activation of the "Cosmic Life Energy" mechanism help to strength the human body or any physical matter's cosmic life energy.

The "Cosmic Life Energy" can zero in on a user's DNA witness, strengthen a user's DNA witness electronically charged rotation halo to generate quantum connection, and convey high-end energy using the frequency resonance method to locate the target with one 100% accuracy, or the embodiment niche method. Working like a small energy transmitter, it helps to form an "Intangible energy antenna" , much like the signals transmitted through our handsets.

The "Cosmic Life Energy" is capable of absorbing directly from nature's cosmic life energy, and then project the energy onto other objects, where such embodiment, when combined with nature's cosmic life energy, offers a turning niche much like a key that unleashes the energy exchange path between nature and humans. It helps the user to enter a holy 3-in-1 realm of heaven, earth and man, which remains inherent and in a cyclical manner.

What is the validity of the “Cosmic Life Energy”?

As the product's housing is made of a metal material, which has a limited life cycle, and assuming under the circumstances that the structure of the housing surface is not damaged, the validity of the product's energy is guaranteed to last for 10 years or longer, with the user's proper, diligent care.

Under what circumstances would the energy of the “Cosmic Life Energy” decline steadily or deteriorate?

The "Cosmic Life Energy" can steadily decline or suffer from energy distortion when expose to a temperature exceeding 200ºC or at a temperate below -200ºC.

Why does the “Cosmic Life Energy” offer such a wide range of applications?

The "Cosmic Life Energy", operating on the universe's natural principle, draws the electrons surrounding the water molecules with an inward convection through a counterclockwise vortex, meaning that inside every energy pen, there are infinite cyclones in a rotating motion to produce an incredibly unique energy.

While the "Celestial Pen" frequency, which has been tune to the universe's frequency is able to induct the greater universe's energy continuously into the human body in a cyclical manner.

The Book of Morality states, "Mankind emulates earth, earth emulates heaven, heaven emulates the great doctrine, and the great doctrine emulates nature". The "Embodiment" mechanism, operating on the natural principle, reacts naturally to the human body or an object, and further excels and harmonizes the human body's biophysics (the life essence and witness essence), which in turn strengthens the exchange of the human body energy and nature's energy derived from heaven and earth, wherein it offers even more nature's life energy to foster a universal yield of "greater doctrine, broader heaven, wider earth and greater humanity".

How does the “Cosmic Life Energy” differ from other energy products sold in the market?

A straightforward analysis on artificial energy replicating products sold on the market and the "Cosmic Life Energy" is depicted in the following chart:

Artificially replicated energy (ultra red wavelength, mineral wavelength, energy wavelength, electromagnetic wavelength, human electricity) Cosmic Life Energy (derived from nature and can be utilized from nature)
Nature of
Mineral energy, ultra red energy, mechanical energy or electromagnetic energy 100% natural cosmic life energy
  • Require electricity or high heat property.
  • The product needs to come into contact with the user.
  • Does not require electricity or high-heat reaction.
  • The product does not need to come in contact with the user (simply by passing through the user's DNA witness)
  • Can be detected by instruments.
  • With probable radiation.
  • It remains undetectable by instruments in the interim, and needs to be converted through the human body before it can be validated using a metabolic energy screening instrument or a human body aura optoelectronic photography.
  • 100% radiation free.
Frequency High frequency Ultra high frequency
Particle size Minute particle Ultra fine particle
  • Temporary
  • Weak and unstable
  • Permanent
  • Dynamic and stable
Exercise mode Alone, of weak resonance Clustered, of powerful resonance
Human body's reaction mode The energy is projected directly that serves to increase the energy of the cells, but tends to burden the cells, and in turn causes cellular mutation. The energy works to activate and stimulate the cell's inherent energy, as it gently strengthens the cell's inherent agility.
Spirituality (wisdom) Nil Yes (being able to locate and resonate with a target object 100%)

Why does it create perspiration and itchiness when using the “Celestial Pen”?

It is a phenomenon of the electronic response and the electromagnetic energy response working together, and a process that accelerates the generation of bio-energy, as the cosmic life energy dormant in the human body is reawakened and actively participated in various bodily cellular activities to speed up one's metabolic regeneration, spread the life energy through the blood, lymphatic and metabolic systems across the body, much like how a street sweeper rids of the debris. It works the same way how we tend to perspire and sense an itchiness when engaging in rigorous exercise after not having exercised or jogged for sometime.

Why does the phenomenon of bruises and swelling occurs in certain body parts, particularly the head, when using the “Celestial Pen” to massage the achy body parts?

As it is often said that stifled Chi trapped in the blood circulatory system tends to result in aches and pains if one experiences poor circulation, the "Cosmic Life Energy" serves to realign the disarrayed bio-energy and electromagnetism, offering a metabolic adjustment to the human body's blood and metabolic systems, and brings equilibrium in a matter of three to five days.

The "Cosmic Life Energy", incorporating a high-end, deep-penetrating focus, works through a focused high-end energy to accelerate and adjust the human body's metabolic system via the pressure points when using the frontal pressure application, which in turn offers a regulating effect to one's Chi and blood circulation through metabolic adjustment. It not only helps to accelerate a particular area's blood circulation for discharging the toxins from the body, but is also offers a health enhancement yield for how it provides rapid results.

What constitutes as life niche, fortuity niche?

It is only after the media's recent coverage of many celebrities, wealthy individuals taking to niche aversion to alter their fate, extend their longevity, or become prosperous have the general masses begin to gain an initial awareness of the life niche and fortuities niche. A more popular topic can be found in how some politicians have turned to altering their fortuities niche by spending a fortune, for as little as hundreds of thousands or as much as tens of millions, covering from the common councilmen to the higher ups.

The so-called life niche or fortuities niche has been a concept that mankind strive to survive and fulfill one's lifelong dreams by turning to utilizing the theory of Feng Sui. And by embedding one's physical hair, nail, blood buried at a prime Feng Sui spot with a majestic landscape.

The Taoism's ritualistic rites have been utilized for an individual to absorb directly the kinetic energy of a prime dragon site, which in turn build up one's core energy through excelling one's spirituality, Chi and cognition to improve one's electromagnetic presence, thus spawning many added values for the response.

It works the same way with how the Feng Sui of one's ancestral burials. As earth is but a giant magnetic field, the human body is but a biological magnetic filed with an independent system. As intervened through our living environment, coordinates, configuration and surrounding environment, many intricately interwoven magnetic interactive reactions have thus occurred. This spawns a critical issue whether our living environment harmonizes with our own magnetic fields, and whether the magnetic filed among the people also harmonizes? Living in a society, our physical presence creates a magnetic resonance at all in destiny and fate!

How does the ‘Cosmic Life Energy Life Niche' differ from the 'Conventional Life Niche' found in the market? How does the "Celestial Pen" work as an Infinite Life Niche?

The "Cosmic Life Energy", researched and produced by utilizing 100% of German liquefied magnetism, creates an embodiment effect to the human body through its "Cosmic Life Energy", and is 100% free of any undesirable side effects. Its primary function serves to purify and contain a user's disarrayed witness and individual fate, and also serves to strengthen a user's "Cosmic Energy substance and quality" to achieve an inherent peace.

With a calm inner soul, a user tends to face up to external challenges with relative ease, and harbors a positive cycle toward people, things and objects, manifesting the proactive action a user desires in mind.

Induction method: Place a user's hair of 2cm in length of five pieces, or three to five clipped nails in a small plastic tube, and induct the tube in the inner chamber of the "Celestial Pen".

The "Conventional Life Niche" works through the Taoism's ritualistic rites helping an individual absorb directly the kinetic energy of a prime dragon site, which in turn build up one's core energy through excelling one's spirituality, Chi and cognition to improve one's electromagnetic presence, thus spawning many added values for the response.

Induction method: Using the Taoism's Feng Sui theory, bury one's hair, nail, blood or clothing at a prime Feng Sui site of a great landscape by locating a prime Feng Sui site and calculating the prime time and location using the Taoism's ritualistic rites.

Why is it that foods have been resonated by the “Cosmic Life Energy” become milder in taste?

1) The magnetic energy resonance response offers a reconfiguring and reconstituting yield after forcefully disrupting the molecular chain.

2) To tone down the taste of food, simply place the "Cosmic Life Energy" next to an object for 15 seconds or longer.

3) To bring out the taste of food with more aroma, concentration and substance without touching it, simply place the "Celestial Pen" next to the object and encircle it in a counterclockwise direction for 15 times to restore a wide range of foods, including fruit and vegetables, coffee, tea, wine, soy sauce, chili paste and the like with a fine quality of aroma, concentration and substance.