e-Quantum 宇量

Why do people tend to react with tremble or experience a surreal experience when using the "e-Quantum Celestial Pen?"

It could be stemming from an individual's intangible attributes for not being able to adapt to the sudden physiological phenomenon or response. While the "Cosmic Life Energy" mainly serves to purify and enhance, rather than to expel one's physical anomaly, hence all elements will benefit from it, as long as there is a proper guidance.


Operating method:
Hold on to the "Celestial Pen" with your right hand, and wrap your left hand over your right hand in an embraced manner, mediate and discard all mortal thoughts for 15 minutes or longer, as it offers a "Spiritual energy" that mainly serves to purify and enhance one's wisdom, and strengthens one's physical stamina.

(A meditation session once every morning and evening can garner incredible and remarkable results).


The user's mindset:
A user's ability to reflect and be grateful will lead to better results.

As ancient fable says, "The saints are fearful of the cause and the mortals are fearful of the effect", it is prudent that we think twice before putting an action to reality, as everything is bound by a fixed cycle, and the good and evil are cyclical. It will not be meaningful if one ever tries to purge and undo one's misdeeds with our product after having committed wrongdoings.


The user's introductory line:
Please pardon me. I am XXX, and I am sorry if I have accidentally disturbed you.

Perhaps I have caused harm to the life and property of you and your people in the past, and if so, I am willing to assume all consequences, and I also thank you for giving a chance to learn in this period, and I have learned it.

And today, I am going to bring you energy, and bestow you with fortune, ease, harmony, and you are kindly asked to abandon your fear, unease, hatred, and a disconcerted heart, (… hereby express your remorse for the scenarios occurred you have known of) would you heed to the purification and enhancement by following the cosmic energy, and be where you need to be. Thank you."

(Women who have had abortion or miscarriage are kindly asked to pray for forgiveness after confessing the process.)


The facilitator's introductory line:
Place the "Celestial Pen" over the user's universal pressure point (on top and at the centre of the head) either laterally or vertically for approx. 8 to 10 minutes, and the facilitate is to recite or mentally recite the following introductory line,

Please pardon me. I did not mean to disturb you, if I did.

I mean to bring you energy, bestow you with fortune, ease, and harmony; please abandon your fearful and unease mind, hatred, and a disconcerted heart, and would you heed to the purification and enhancement by following the cosmic energy, and be where you need to be. Thank you.

How does one create the "Cosmic Purified Water"?

The Yi-Jing says, "God's soul floats on the water, and it is omnipresent for all to see", which testifies that there is God's love and light in the water, and with the enhancement of the "Celestial Pen", one can easily produce the "Cosmic Purified Water".

Hold on to a glass of 200cc to 300cc tap water with one hand, and hold on to the "Celestial Pen" with the other hand, with the two hands forming an embraced gesture, mediate for approx. one minute by abandoning all mortal thoughts and truthfully and earnestly recite or mentally recite the following line,

Introductory line:
"Pray to God's mercy. God's kindness will steer all fates of different realms, and God's energy and light will lead all fates to find their eventuality and the final resting place. Thank you. And may mercy be with you."

Thereafter, place the "Cosmic Purified Water" containing the spiritual energy at a convenient spot for 3-5 minutes, and sprinkle the water toward a corner of the house or outside the house.

The ritual offering of sharing and bestowing the intangible fate once every day will help us ease through the barriers in everything we do, and convert probable resistance into a favorable assistance, blessing the entire family with peace and harmony.