e-Quantum 宇量
Wearing it helps absorb energy from nature’s cosmic life energy, thus stabilizing emotions and thoughts, purifying soul and mind, elevating self-energy level and bringing good luck.
Celestial Pen
Can be used to safeguard house,
boost energy,
improve health,
enhance family life niche,
purify soul and mind, etc.

The remarkable energy that surpasses the time & space

e-Quantum Celestial Pen

An energy enriching series that fosters energy everywhere regardless of the time and space, the "Cosmic Life Energy" is encased in a cosmic, geometric energy design, and embedded with a high-end physical "liquefied magnetic energy within to lock on to the user's DNA witness, and strengthen the electron rotation aura of the user's DNA signals to foster a quantum connection; it operates on a resonating vibration mode to convey the high-end energy concurrently to bring an equilibrium to the human body's positive and negative charges, and instill the user with a peace of mind.

A smaller energy transmitter, the "Cosmic Life Energy - Celestial Pen" forms an intangible energy antenna, much like how our handsets transmit signals, that locates the target 100%; the pen design is not only portable but is also a handy DIY gadget or to give others a shiatsu or massage, safeguarding one's metabolic health and blood circulation.

The inner tube, when dismantled, has been developed to store an individual's DNA energy information to provide value life-enriching functions, and regardless of day and night, or near or afar, the "Cosmic Life Energy" offers resonating energy that surpasses time and space in an all-encompassing manner to invigorate one's spirits, and ensures a good night's sleep; it is also an anti-aging elixir, and a remarkable device that regulates your metabolism and fortuity.

The dynamic features behind e-Quantum
Celestial Pen
The product does not require coming into contact with the human body, but is capable of resonating with a target object surpassing the time and space, as it primarily rests on stimulating within the body, rather than adding onto the body as most emergency products do.
The "Cosmic Life Energy", as differs from common energy products sold on the market, can primarily be distinguished by how other products require carrying or coming in contact for 24 hours, which can be inconvenient yet the results remain uncertain, whereas the product requires none of which, but with very prominent results.
The "Cosmic Life Energy", when used to resonate with water, enriches the water with a savory tast, active matters, and excels the fibrous mother cells to regenerate.
As assessed by energy measurement instrument, the "Cosmic Life Energy" can ominously improve one's energy reading, regulate one's metabolism, blood circulation, and improve disease symptoms.
As evaluated using the human body aura photography, the "Cosmic Life Energy" can excel the human body's bio-energy, accelerate one's energy frequency, luminosity, purify one's spirituality, and reinvigorate one's agility.
The "Cosmic Life Energy" offers an apparent sense of Chi, which Chi meditators can instantly sense its dynamic energy; its approx. 5m life energy radiances and safeguards one from the negative Chi. Even for the general consumers, it transcends the user per se as a high-end energy, offering an enhanced energy much like a high-end spiritual meditator.
Placing the "Cosmic Life Energy" near vegetables, fresh cut flowers and a variety of goods helps to conserve their freshness and extend their shelf life.
The product can be used to resonate and purity the impurities in crystal, precious gems, jadeite and the like, and offers niche enriching and residential blessing yield.
Testimonial 1

Mr Chiew
Businessman, 30 years old

My wife is a regular night-shift worker. As she is unable to have enough sun exposure, she suffers a poor body metabolism, which resulted in body odour and poor sleeping quality. Besides, she also suffers from menstrual pain and irregular menstruation every month. I couldn't stand her body odour every time I slept with her, not to mention her bad breath that really deterred me from kissing her.

Under strong recommendation of a friend, I had bought an e-Quantum Celestial Pen. My wife has then worn the e-Quantum Celestial Pen to bed every night.

After a period of time, when I woke up in the morning one day, I was surprised to notice the pleasant smell in the bedroom. My wife was still sleeping, as it was her day off, but i didn't smell her usual body odour. With a feeling of doubt, I went closer to her. It really shocked me because I didn't even smell her bad breath. However, I didn't have much time to figure out the reason as I was rushing for work. When I came home from work that day, I found my wife still in bed. She had slept for more that 24 hours and was still sleeping soundly. She woke up later that day, only to discover that she had an earlier period in her sleep. Her menstrual blood was much more and much darker than usual, but she was completely unaware of it.

It has been months since we started using e-Quantum Celestial Pen. We have endless fun every time we talk about it. e-Quantum Celes Pen offers us great help in our daily life. It strengthens our physical power, provides great convenience to our life and ensures smoothness in our work.

Testimonial 2

Mrs Tan
Businesswoman, 42 years old

My second son is a self-demanding person. He spends over 10 hours a day reading books and surfing the internet looking for information. He was so tensed up that he couldn't sleep well in the night, and even cried out involuntarily sometimes. All my family was so worried about him and I couldn't concentrate on my business, too.

I learnt that e-Quantum celestial Pen is effective against anxiety and depression. Under such a helpless circumstance, I bought e-Quantum Celestial Pen for myself and my son.

And a miracle just happened! My son has been able to have a good night's sleep since then. The quality of his sleep has improved, and he is very energetic and happy everyday. All those previous symptoms have disappeared from then on.

In the past, my son used to feel exhausted after using the computer for about an hour. But now, since carrying e-Quantum Celestial Pen along, he is able to spend 5-6 hours on the computer without feeling any sense of tiredness, which proved that e-Quantum Celestial Pen is 100% radiation free and possesses the effect of anti-radiation.

As a mother, my duty is nothing but to take good care of the family, children and their education. I was completely lost with what had happened previously and I really didn't know what to do. e-Quantum Celestial Pen has helped solve my problem so neatly. Such a helpful product is worth recommending to friends and relatives.

Testimonial 3

Mrs Lim
Self-proprietor, 60 years old

My husband had been addicted to gambling for over 20 years. Advices from the whole family had gone unheeded and in fact, he had become more aggravated. He has a job, but he could not focus on it and he used to gamble away his earnings. He had almost lost all the family's properties over the years.

Our children have no regard for their father and they were ashamed of his bad reputation. There was an uneasy atmosphere in the house. All of us had been suffering for years.

A friend told me that e-Quantum Celestial Pen is able to tranquilise one's mind and attract good luck. After hearing several testimonials, I was moved to buy e-Quantum Celestial Pen for my husband. I told him that it would help him make big money because he might not want to wear it if I told him the truth.

4 days later, my husband had a sincere talk with me and he promised to quit gambling. I was very touched. I had heard this kind of promises many times, but I could feel his sincerity this time. Under doubtful circumstances, though I still chose to believe and support him. After observing him for a period of time, I found my husband really quitted gambling. He works more proactively now and pays more attention to the family. And there is more joy and happiness in my family now.

Be it a real luck attractor or be it the realisation of my husband, I still want to thank e-Quantum Celestial Pen.

Testimonial 4

Mr Goh
Calligrapher, 43 years old

My friend’s grandmother was once very sick. When I got to his house, I saw his grandmother breathing very hard. It seemed that she had very slim chance of survival. There was nothing much I could do, except giving my friend a few words of consolation. Before I returned home, I left my e-Quantum Celestial Pen for his grandmother, hoping that she would leave peacefully.

Later that night, I gave my friend a call, asking about his grandmother's situation. My friend said she was breathing more easily and she looked better. We didn't really feel happy because we thought that might be the last moment of her consciousness before death.

The next morning, I rang up my friend again, asking if he needed any help in the preparation of his grandmother's funeral. To my surprise, he told me that his grandmother was getting better but she was not fully conscious yet.

On the third day, I gave my friend a tinkle again early in the morning. I was truly shocked to hear his grandmother answering the phone. She managed to live on later with dietary treatment.

All of us have a unanimous conclusion that my friend's grandmother was weak and feeble due to lack of congenital energy. And e-Quantum Celestial Pen is a congenital energy receiver, which instils congenital energy unceasingly into human body, supplementing the cosmic life energy in the body, thus prolonging her life.

Testimonial 5

Mr Chong
Antique Furniture Trader,
50 years old

I have been studying traditional Chinese medicine for quite some time. Occasionally there were people who only knew me by name came to seek treatment from me and I would normally offer my help delightedly. With the help of e-Quantum Celestial Pen, the curative effects were incredible especially on ordinary pains and aches.

"Nine out of every ten men suffer from piles", as the saying goes. This situation has become worse as people lead a hectic life nowadays. And in actual fact, it is not easy to cure piles fundamentally. Among all my patients, there were two who suffered from piles. The treatment process is summarised as follows:

First, clear the lower bowel of the patient using laxative. Next, apply some honey inside the anus and insert e-Quantum Celestial Pen into the anus for 10-15 minutes, and then apply some anti-inflammatory cream afterwards. In this way, the piles will be cured in just 3-5 treatments. (I have never come across any clinical experiences with such a quick and amazing therapeutic effect.)

According to Chinese medicine, piles are due to intestinal heat. My opinion is that, if e-Quantum Celestial Pen can nanometerise water and liquid food, it should be able to nanometerise our blood and invigorate the cells. And if the blood cells are invigorated, our body will then be able to function normally.

Testimonial 6

Mr Wong
Freelancer, 60 years old

A friend introduced e-Quantum Celestial Pen to me, and I could feel a very unique energy inside of it. I have some knowledge on Taoist instruments and quite a few forms of energies with different natures. Hence, the results were remarkably fast when I used e-Quantum Celestial Pen to help people solving problems. Especially for calming frightening children, it was almost cured on the spot. I always think that its main functions are to purify and elevate one's inner energy. It is truly an extraordinary product.

My mother-in-law was once admitted to the hospital because she had been unable to eat anything for 7-8 days. After examination, the doctor said she wasn't sick but we must find a way to make her eat. My mother-in-law was lying feebly in the bed but I just couldn't do anything. Then it just flashed through my mind that I carried my e-Quantum Celestial Pen with me. Immediately I took out my e-Quantum Celestial Pen and scraped her head as well as her back with it for a smooth flow of vital energy and blood. I did it for about 30 minutes. Then I left the ward for a short while to attend to other matters. When I came back to the ward, I saw my mother-in-law got out of the bed and took the bread on the table to eat. Everybody was stunned seeing that. We then quickly prepared some food for her. And she was discharged from the hospital later that day.

3 days later, however, she was admitted again. I went to the hospital and again, helped scrape her head and her back for 30 minutes, and she was once again able to eat.

Later my friend explained to me that my mother-in-law is too old and therefore mere scraping is not good enough. She has to wear e-Quantum Celestial Pen in order to continuously intensify the resonance of the cosmic life energy, allowing incessant instillation of energy into her weak and feeble body to keep her living. So I bought another piece of e-Quantum Celestial Pen for my mother-in-law. True enough, it has been several months till now that my mother-in-law no longer has to go to the hospital for not able to take her meals. She is fine and healthy now. Although I spent a little bit more money, it is better than going to the hospital.

We dared not write
testimonials if we did
not personally
experience the
amazing power of
"Cosmic Life Energy"
Testimonial 7

Mr Tan
Trader, 55 years old

I have been using e-Quantum Celestial Pen for quite some time and have heard all sorts of testimonials. Among them, there were some incredible testimonials that were too unbelievable to tell anyone. In science, we learn that everything must come with theory and proof. How can we make reckless statement without any proof? We dared not write testimonials if we did not personally experience the amazing power of "Cosmic Life Energy"

The typhoon was very strong this September. There was a small pond in my shop where I kept a couple of goldfish in it. When there was a gale-force wind blowing outside, I found one of my goldfish was turning upside down and almost dying. At that very moment, I was struck by the sudden thought that e-Quantum Celestial Pen might be of help. Anyway, there was no harm giving it a try. So I placed the e-Quantum Celestial Pen in the pond and attended to other matters. Later that day, I went to check on my fish. Guess what! The fish was swimming lively in the pond!

Strangely enough! Was it because the typhoon was too strong that the fish could not adapt to it and therefore turned upside down temporarily, or was it the curative effects of the Celestial Pen that revived the fish? I really don't know.

Testimonial 8

Mr Chua
Jewellery Wholesaler
35 years old

I raise some fish in my house but dont't know why, my fish kept dying. It really puzzled me.

I heard that e-Quantum Constellation can increase energy, which means prolonging life – that's what I thought, so I bought e-Quantum Constellation for a try. It just happened that one of the fish in the fish tank was struggling for its last breath. Immediately I placed e-Quantum Constellation in the fish tank, hoping that it could save the fish. And I found the fish swimming vigorously soon after.

My cousin brother is also a fish lover. A few days later, one of his fish was also dying. He rushed the fish to my house at once for help. And it was truly amazing that the fish was saved!

As a line from a film goes, "Jack, it's amazing!"

Testimonial 9

Mr Lee
Businessman, 50 years old

There was once I had dinner with a few friends. Some of them were a little bit drunk after a few rounds of wine. I took out my e-Quantum Celestial Pen and helped them massage their heads. They disbelieved its efficacy and just took it as ordinary massage. 10 minutes later, they felt much refreshed, which clearly proved its efficacy in sobering up a drunken person. Especially if you carry it on you, the sobering effect is even remarkable. You can drink several more glasses of wine and yet you won't get drunk easily.

Testimonial 10

Mr Lim
Security Guard, 45 years old

The impact of political turbulence and financial tsunami has done nothing but add fuel to the fire surrounding an unemployed middle-aged man like me. Under so much stress, one just gets mad easily with any little annoyances. My wife and children were the innocent victims that bore the brunt. The atmosphere in the house became terribly strained, and everyone in the family was so nervous and uneasy.

A friend of mine introduced the "e-Quantum" energy products to me, saying that the products can tranquilise one's mind and attract good luck. He exaggerated its efficacy so much that I was persuaded to buy one for a try.

In the initial stage, I didn't have any special feeling except a whiff of subtly placid energy in my heart. The kids found me more cheerful, so they started to talk to me. After a couple of weeks, I felt myself completely changed, and the atmosphere of the house has also grown increasingly harmonious.

Testimonial 11

Miss Leow
Teacher, 40 years old

The most incredible effect after using e-Quantum Celestial Pen is that my formerly hyperactive (sometimes even aggressive) 5-year-old son has been able to calm his emotions. He has a good night's sleep now, and always asking me for e-Quantum Celestial Pen.

I carry e-Quantum Celestial Pen with me almost all the time now while teaching in the school. It provides me endless vitality everyday and I am so happy and thankful!

Testimonial 12

Miss Lee
Teacher, 42 years old

Previously I had polyps grown on my neck. I wanted to remove it so much but it was painful when I tried to do so. Ever since I bought e-Quantum Celestial Pen, I used to rub my neck with it. 5 days later, the polyps just dropped without pain. As regard the allergic problem of my nose, I just massage the two sides of my nose with e-Quantum Celestial Pen for a few minutes, and my nose will soon be able to breathe smoothly.

Testimonial 13

Miss Chong
Secretary, 46 years old

I am a breast cancer patient. The next day after my final session of chemotherapy, I was very weak and feeble. A friend who came to visit me told me that he had e-Quantum Celestial Pen with him and he could give me a massage.

He told me to lie down, and then massaged on my head gently. I felt very painful in the beginning, but after half an hour, I felt myself totally revitalised and full of energy!

Testimonial 14

Miss Chong
Teacher, 42 years old

I used to catch heatstroke easily. Even when I teach in the classroom, I may also get heat stroke if the room is suffocating. This problem has been bothering me for years.

Since wearing e-Quantum Celestial Pen, I have never caught heatstroke for the past two months.

Besides, I had long been suffering from headache and had actually been taking pain killers on a regular basis. Later I was told that the side effect of pain killers takes 5 years to be discharged from the body, so I stopped taking it. But the headache is still there. Luckily I have e-Quantum Celestial Pen now. I need only massage the painful parts of my head using e-Quantum Celestial Pen and the pain will relieve at once. The effect is as good as pain killers and yet with no side effects.

Testimonial 15

Mr Low
Interior Designer, 40 years old

My son is 2 years old. Previously he was unable to sleep well and used to cry in the night. Since I let him wear e-Quantum Celestial Pen to bed, he can have a good night's sleep now and no more crying at night.