e-Quantum 宇量
Part 1
The Cosmic
Life Energy
Its origin and
Part 2
Life Niche
Conventional Life Niche &
"Cosmic Life Energy" Life Niche
Part 3
The "Cosmic Life Energy" resonates with the human body's kinetic energy
The remarkable counter-
clockwise dynamics
Part 4
What constitutes as "Cosmic Life Energy"?
The theory of the
"Cosmic Life Energy"

The 5 major characteristics
of the "Cosmic Life Energy"
Part 5
The embodiment of
the "Cosmic Life Energy"
The health enhancement theory
behind the "embodiment of
the Cosmic Life Energy"

The dynamic features
behind the "embodiment of
the Cosmic Life Energy"
Part 6
The 5 Aspects that
the "Cosmic Life Energy"
influences the human body
Human Acupuncture Point Massage
Part 7
Part 1 The Cosmic Life Energy - its origin and introduction
The remarkable energy that surpasses the time and space
– the "Cosmic Life Energy"

With energy found in all living organisms, which can be strong or weak, and can be rotating clockwise or counterclockwise, the higher the agility (such as the humans), the higher the energy will be. While "Cosmic Life Energy", which falls under a high-end energy, is able to resonant and vibrate with organic cells to excel the cell's nucleic rotation, and the electron rotation in an agitated state (a phenomenon of life energy) excels the life form in a high-energy state, as it invigorates one's spirits and restores one's youth and beauty through the extended use of the products.

An energy enriching series that fosters energy everywhere regardless of the time and space, the "Cosmic Life Energy" is encased in a cosmic, geometric energy design, and embedded with a high-end physical "Liquefied magnetic energy" within to lock on to the user's DNA witness, and strengthen the electron rotation aura of the user's DNA signals to foster a quantum connection; it operates on a resonating vibration mode to convey the high-end energy concurrently to bring an equilibrium to the human body's positive and negative charges, and instill the user with a peace of mind.

A smaller energy transmitter, the "Cosmic Life Energy - Celestial Pen" forms an intangible energy antenna, much like how our handsets transmit signals, that locates the target 100%; the pen design is not only portable but is also a handy DIY gadget or to give others a shiatsu or massage, safeguarding one's metabolic health and blood circulation.

The inner tube, when dismantled, has been developed to store an individual's DNA energy information to provide value life-enriching functions, and regardless of day and night, or near or afar, the "Cosmic Life Energy" offers resonating energy that surpasses time and space in an all-encompassing manner to invigorate one's spirits, and ensures a good night's sleep; it is also an anti-aging elixir, and a remarkable device that regulates your metabolism and fortuity.

Part 2 Conventional Life Niche & “Cosmic Life Energy” Life Niche
Life Niche

The so-called life niche or fortuties niche has been a concept that mankind strive to survive and fulfill one's lifelong dreams by turning to utilizing the theory of Feng Sui. And by embedding one physical hair, nail, blood buried at a prime Feng Sui spot with a majestic landscape.

The Taoism's ritualistic rites have been utilized for an individual to absorb directly the kinetic energy of a prime dragon site, which in turn build up one's core energy through excelling one's spirituality, Chi and cognition to improve one's electromagnetic presence, thus spawning many added values for the response.

It works the same way with how the Feng Sui of one's ancestral burials. As earth is but a giant magnetic field, the human body is but a biological magnetic filed with an independent system. As intervened through our living environment, coordinates, configuration and surrounding environment, many intricately interwoven magnetic interactive reactions have thus occurred. This spawns a critical issue whether our living environment harmonizes with our owm magnetic fields, and whether the magnetic filed among the people also harmonizes? Living in a society, our physical presence creates a magnetic resonance at all times with nature and humans, which in turn spawn a wide range of combinations in destiny and fate!

The "Conventional Life Niche" works through the Taoism's ritualistic rites helping an individual absorb
directly the kinetic energy of a prime dragon site,
which in turn build up one's core energy
through excelling one's spirituality

Conventional Life Niche

The "Conventional Life Niche" works through the Taoism's ritualistic rites helping an individual absorb directly the kinetic energy of a prime dragon site, which in turn build up one's core energy through excelling one's spirituality, Chi and cognition to improve one's electromagnetic presence, thus spawning many added values for the response.

Induction method: Using the Taoism's Feng Sui theory, bury one's hair, nail, blood or clothing at a prime Feng Sui site of a great landscape by locating a prime Feng Sui site and calculating the prime time and location using the Taoism's ritualistic rites.

"Cosmic Life Energy" Life Niche

The "Cosmic Life Energy", researched and produced by utilizing 100% of German liquefied magnetism, creates an embodiment effect to the human body through its "Cosmic Life Energy", and is 100% free of any undesirable side effects. Its primary function serves to purify and contain a user's disarrayed witness and individual fate, and also serves to strengthen a user's "Cosmic Energy substance and quality" to achieve an inherent peace. With a calm inner soul, a user tends to face up to external challenges with relative ease, and harbors a positive cycle toward people, things and objects, manifesting the proactive action a user desires in mind.

Induction method: Place a user's hair of 2cm in length of five pieces, or three to five clipped nails in a small plastic tube, and induct the tube in the inner chamber of the "Celestial Pen".

Part 3
The “Cosmic Life Energy” resonates
with the human body’s kinetic energy
The remarkable counterclockwise dynamics

In the immense and expansive universe exists an abundance of active cosmic life energy that creates life energy naturally, which is derived into a cosmic life energy with varied configurations and varied aspects; the energy's motion and features are found to contain the following characteristics:

Exercise regimen
Energy resonance
Energy reinvigoration
Energy endurance
Energy unification

Ancient Chinese literature studying the life science was fully aware of the fact that the universe and all living beings on earth are intermingled as an entity. The "Book of Changes" had said, "As the universe remains constant, man ensures through self reliance", which further explains that the universe works in a constant, perpetual motion; mankind can resonate, interact with cosmic life through one's sensory functions to enhance one's life energy, learn to resonate with heaven and earth in search of achieving a cyclical natural and perpetual state.

In fact, ancient Taoists, nutritionists or medicine practitioners all shared a common philosophy of a heaven and human integration concept, and were keenly aware on the theorem that heaven, earth and humans' lives resonated, interacted and communicated with one another.

The Book of Morality by "Taoist Scriptures": "Man mirror earth, earth mirrors heaven, heaven mirrors eternity, and eternity mirrors nature," which provides the best footnote on how heaven, earth and man's life energy coexist and resonate. We would be able to understand why cosmic life energy bears a dynamic or even direct impact to mankind's birth, aging, ailment, death, providence or decline.

Even today scientific community also recognizes such sensory "phenomenon between heaven and man", and how adapting the "Cosmic Life Energy" signal decryption technology can excel the channeling between the human body and nature's cosmic life energy. It is because life energy's agility serves to reinvigorate the source of life, and transform the human body's natural energy reception with a newborn-like natural reception, reinvigoration and regeneration.

Energy endurance serves to provide the human body with protection for the energy that surrounds the human body and the ration of physical matters; energy resonance bridges the interaction between nature's energy mass and the human body's physical mass for man to perceive the existence of hidden energy and physical matter. The cosmic life decryption technology injects the key of hidden energy and physical matter into the "Cosmic Life Energy" for use with man, objects and occasions.

The natural doctrine of the universe can be explained from the example of typhoon.
The remarkable counterclockwise dynamics

With typhoons being powerful in force, even with today's technology, there has not been any viable means to replicate or eliminate the formation of typhoon, indicating the dynamic and wonders of the cosmic force. Of typhoons that occur on the northern hemisphere, the winds closest to the ground surface rotate counterclockwise encircling the eye of a typhoon.

The convection force derived from counterclockwise rotation and vortex is the pivotal manifestation of the universes's rule of nature ~ in that the counterclockwise rotation is capable of generating very dynamic force.

The "Cosmic Life Energy" has adopted the cosmic rule of nature that the electron clusters formed by rotating water molecules harbor a convective force as derived from the counter-clockwise rotating vortex, which means that every energy product contains numerous hurricane-like rotating motions, which in turn creates a remarkable unique energy. While the frequency of the products has been synchronizes to the universe's frequency, whereby the "frequency resonance serves" to induct the universe's energy in a cyclical manner.

According to the study of physical science, clockwise rotating and counter clockwise rotation vortexes in a two dimensional space can overlap when they are converted into a three-dimensional space, and the rotation of a variable dimensional space rests on recreating the main entity's vortexes. Consequently, there is a high level of correlation between the space (the world) and the direction of rotation. As our world rotates largely clockwise, while the cosmos of a variable dimensional space rotates counterclockwise, the doctrine of a counter-clockwise rotation in the world has been the path to a higher realm, or a reengineering of the world.

Part 4
What constitutes as “Cosmic Life Energy” ?
The theory of the “Cosmic Life Energy” &
The 5 major characteristics of the “Cosmic Life Energy”
What is "Cosmic Life Energy"?
It is an active life energy that comes from cosmic nature.
It triggers the human body's automatic sensory for life and resonance of energy.

The reverberated energy resonated in a counterclockwise direction stimulates and harmonizes the human body's bio-energy (the life energy and signal energy) that simulates the exchange between the human body's energy and nature's energy (the exchange between nature's energy and the human body's physical energy) to derive ever more nature's life energy.

The Book of Morality by "Taoist scriptures": "There is a consistent doctrine to heaven, and any deteriorate can become redundant and any overage can lead to deficiency..." In physics, as the human body is considered an open system, when nature's energy exceeds that of the human body, the human body would release excess of active energy from the microcosm, and would absorb nature's energy when in deficiency in order to achieve an equilibrium in the human physical body's active energy.


The conventional means for humanity to derive nature's life energy had been through the energy of Chi meditation and high-end contemplation. The high-end physical energy encryption technology utilizing the "Cosmic Life Energy" signal decryption technology helps to surpass the conventional boundaries. The high-end physical energy encryption technology acts as a communication key and an energy activation mechanism in the exchange of nature's energy and the human body's physical energy.

It works the same way how an automotive vehicle's electric switchgear and microcomputer software's input and output control mechanisms are charged with controlling a vehicle's control, power and maneuver systems. The high-end energy operates through an absolute scientific means, coupled with the adaptation of the active energy science - the metabolic science, to transcend the human body from physical enhancement, to disease curing, to a brand-new, higher level of living scenario.

The theory of the "Cosmic Life Energy"
As specially formulated liquefied energy is strategically activated through the "Cosmic Life Energy's liquefaction energizing mechanism", the large water molecular masses are subdivided into dual molecules or single molecules, in which the angle of the hydrogen and oxygen keys are reduced from 104.5° to 103°, where the direction of atomic span has been altered, and the figures increased, thus altering the nature of the fluid.
The electron reaction and electromagnetic energy response. As characterized by the self rotating electrons in the electron clusters surrounding the atoms in water molecules, the speed of the electron clusters that is faster than the speed of the electron cluster offers certain electron reaction and electromagnetic response, and that the speed of electrons does not deteriorate over time.
The self rotation, which works similar as electromagnetism, has an electrified quantum characteristic, and utilizea the electron's self-rotating, sequentially arranged force, which is referred to as an interactive force, where the force is a complete quantum dynamic response, operated at just a few fermions in its reactionary parameters. And as electrons self-rotation median is at zero due to diffusion and heat interruption when moving in matters, it is less prone to be detected in broad observations.
The upload of unique signals: (Over 100 signal pulsation frequencies beneficial to the health of the human body)
The system uploads unique signals that convert the atoms with intelligence to stabilize the body's water molecules, which can freely traverse through the human body's cells, and contains a frequency with the same pulsation as the human body's cells to instill the human body with rudimentary healthy signals, and simulate the fibrous mother cells to regenerative growth.
The "Cosmic Life Energy" signal decoding technology, a high-end physical kinetic energy's decryption technology, has surpassed the confines of the traditional boundaries. The high-end physical encryption technology serves to provide a communication key and an energy activation mechanism for exchanging nature's energy and the physical realm of the human body.
The 5 major
characteristics of the
"Cosmic Life Energy"

In recapping the foregoing stated, an abridged analysis is made to compare common artificially replicated energy products sold on the market versus the "Cosmic Life Energy" as depicted in the chart below,

Artificially replicated energy (ultra red wavelength, mineral wavelength, energy wavelength, electromagnetic wavelength, human electricity) Cosmic Life Energy (derived from nature and can be utilized from nature)
Nature of
Mineral energy, ultra red
energy, mechanical energy
or electromagnetic energy
100% natural cosmic life
  • Require electricity or high heat property.
  • The product needs to come into contact with the user.
  • Does not require electricity or high-heat reaction.
  • The product does not need to come in contact with the user (simply by passing through the user's DNA witness)
  • Can be detected by instruments.
  • With probable radiation.
  • It remains undetectable by instruments in the interim, and needs to be converted through the human body before it can be validated using a metabolic energy screening instrument or a human body aura optoelectronic photography.
  • 100% radiation free.
Frequency High frequency Ultra high frequency
Particle size Minute particle Ultra fine particle
  • Temporary
  • Weak and unstable
  • Permanent
  • Dynamic and stable
Exercise mode Alone, of weak resonance Clustered, of powerful resonance
Human body's reaction mode The energy is projected directly that serves to increase the energy of the cells, but tends to burden the cells, and in turn causes cellular mutation. The energy works to activate and stimulate the cell's inherent energy, as it gently strengthens the cell's inherent agility.
Spirituality (wisdom) Nil Yes (being able to locate and resonate with a target object 100%)
Note: Some of the inner text has been excerpted from Dr. Shu Yung-an's book – "Decoding the Life Energy".

Ultra high frequency

An ultra high frequency energy undetectable by the present science instruments, and is incomparable to wavelength of a given spectrum (of quantifiable energy that can be detected and measured by instruments) as emitted from common mineral wavelength, electromagnetic wavelength, ultra-red wavelength, energy wavelength, human electricity sold on the market. Thanks to the energy provided by the "Cosmic Life Energy", its expansive applications remain immeasurable.


Generates synchronous frequency vibrations

The "Cosmic Life Energy", once penetrates into the human body through a varieties of embodiment (note: similar to the gift that one is born with) researched and developed in response to the market needs, is able to reverberate and resonate with the human body's (microcosm) life energy, and in turn trigger the most primitive "cosmic life energy" hidden within – which some describe as the hidden potential, subliminal consciousness, core spirituality, inner soul, virtual particles and such, that can be used to simulate an individual's energy system.

In here, we would like to emphasize specially that the reason of self generation, self adjustment and self enhancement lies in that there is already "cosmic life energy" that exists within the human body, which has not been explored, and once explored through the correct means, it helps to unleash the physical functions to achieve stamina enhancement, and further purify the mind and soul to achieve wisdom enlightenment.


Ultra fine particles

The "Cosmic Life Energy", once activated and agitated, is able to effectively and rapidly penetrate into the deepest layer cells because of its minute particle characteristics and its resonating theory to trigger a series of chain reaction, and to simulate the entire cells of the human body.


Accelerates the generation of physical energy

The reawakening of the "Cosmic life energy" dormant within the human body can actively participate in various physical cellular activities, accelerate the metabolic cycles, spreading the life energy through the blood circulation system, lymphatic system to all parts of the body, just as how a janitor removes the debris, purging the body of calcification, free radicals among other toxins, and excel the fibrous mother cells to regenerative growth.


Offers spirituality

The interaction of the human body's cosmic life energy and the outside world's cosmic life energy, with the presence of an open transmission gateway, can achieve the result of a self meditation, much like the religious ritual search for a unity between heaven and man, and attain the ultimate realm of a perfect harmony among heaven, earth and man.

Part 5
The embodiment of the “Cosmic Life Energy”
The health enhancement theory behind the
“embodiment of the Cosmic Life Energy”
The dynamic features behind the “embodiment of
the Cosmic Life Energy”

The Book of Morality by "Taoist scriptures", "The spread of the great teaching can turn left or right. What keeps all living organisms to thrive in a cyclical manner through an unsung process that nourishes all things remains unchanged ...", which explains that there is an intangible energy that supports all things in the universe, which we simply referred to it as the "Cosmic Life Energy", which is of a form of high-end energy.

The "Cosmic Life Energy" signal decryption technology operates on a high-end physical encryption technology to surpass the conventional confines. The high-end physical encryption technology serves as a communication key and energy activation mechanism for the interaction between nature's energy and the human body's energy that excel the cell's nucleic rotation, and stimulate the electron rotation in an agitated state (the energy matrix), keeping all living beings in a state of high energy.

The "Cosmic Life Energy" can lock on to the user's DNA witness, and strengthen the electron rotation aura of the user's DNA signals to foster a quantum connection; it operates on a resonating vibration mode to convey the high-end energy concurrently to bring an equilibrium to the human body's positive and negative charges, and instill the user with a peace of mind.

The "Cosmic Life Energy" is capable of receiving the cosmic life energy from nature directly, and projects it onto other beings or objects, in which the integration of the embodiment and gift of the cosmic life energy offers a niche property much like a key that opens that path to the energy between heaven and man. It provides a gateway to achieving the unity of heaven, earth and man that remains inherent and cyclical.

The Book of Morality by "Taoist scriptures", "Man mirror earth, earth mirrors heaven, heaven mirrors eternity, and eternity mirrors nature". The "embodiment" mechanism adheres to the law of nature, which in turn projects onto the human body or an object, and simulates and harmonizes the human body's bio-energy (the energy and thoughts), which in turn excel the exchange between the human body's energy and nature's energy derived from heaven and earth, fostering more nature's energy to achieve a unity of "a greater eternity, greater heaven, greater earth and greater mankind".

The health enhancement theory behind the "embodiment of the Cosmic Life Energy"
The rapid electron dispersing speed embodied within the "Cosmic Life Energy" emitting a high energy can regulate the human body's bioelectricity, stimulate the endocrines, and regulate the metabolism.
With a unique optoelectronic property and a magnetic energy reaction, much like a harmonizer, it resonates with the human body to instill a coordinated constitution of the human body's vital organs.
The greater pressure delivered through the pen tip can be used to stimulate the skin, and excel the blood circulation, and can treat the shoulder's aches and pains, offering also significant yield to hypodermis regeneration. The "Cosmic Life Energy" stimulates the pressure points, and eases the metabolism, much like how acupuncture works.
By holding the "Celestial Pen" in your right hand and wrap your left hand over your right hand with two hands clutching in a calming meditation over 15 minutes or longer can achieve what the meditator is looking to achieve of a spiritual energy that serves to excel one's core energy, wisdom and physical well being.
It provides a through purification property, and an esthetical and spiritual aspiration yield that can culminate and transcend psychologically an individual's spirituality, enhance an individual's psychological confidence, and offer the yield of helping an individual maintain youth and agility.
The dynamic features behind the "embodiment of the Cosmic Life Energy"
The product does not require coming into contact with the human body, but is capable of resonating with a target object surpassing the time and space, as it primarily rests on stimulating within the body, rather than adding onto the body as most emergency products do.
The "Cosmic Life Energy", as differs from common energy products sold on the market, can primarily be distinguished by how other products require carrying or coming in contact for 24 hours, which can be inconvenient yet the results remain uncertain, whereas the product requires none of which, but with very prominent results.
The "Cosmic Life Energy", when used to resonate with water, enriches the water with a savory taste, active matters, and excels the fibrous mother cells to regenerate.
As assessed by energy measurement instrument, the "Cosmic Life Energy" can ominously improve one's energy reading, regulate one's metabolism, blood circulation, and improve disease symptoms.
As evaluated using the human body aura photography, the "Cosmic Life Energy" can excel the human body's bio-energy, accelerate one's energy frequency, luminosity, purify one's spirituality, and reinvigorate one's agility.
The "Cosmic Life Energy" offers an apparent sense of Chi, which Chi meditators can instantly sense its dynamic energy; its approx. 5m life energy radiances and safeguards one from the negative Chi. Even for the general consumers, it transcends the user per se as a high-end energy, offering an enhanced energy much like a high-end spiritual meditator.
Placing the "Cosmic Life Energy" near vegetables, fresh cut flowers and a variety of goods helps to conserve their freshness and extend their shelf life.
The product can be used to resonate and purity the impurities in crystal, precious gems, jadeite and the like, and offers niche enriching and residential blessing yield.

Method for identify the authentication of the "embodiment of the Cosmic Life Energy"

It resonates with a chosen target by surpassing the time and space without requiring physical contact.
It can be measured through human body aura energy photography.
It can be measured through human use using energy detection instruments.
It instantly instills beverages such as vinaigrette, sauces, wine and fruit juice with aroma and savory flavor.
It extends the freshness and life cycle of vegetation, such as vegetable, fruits and so forth.
Wearing or using the "Cosmic Life Energy" serves to resonate the human body's water molecules into energized moisture, which can be tested on the thumb (the cellular membrane) and the middle finger (the cellular nucleic) using an aura ring to screen for the energy.
Part 6
"Cosmic Life Energy"
The Effects of Invigoration of Water
Molecules in Human Body
The 5 Aspects that the “Cosmic Life Energy”
influences the human body
Human Acupuncture Point Massage

How the "Cosmic Life Energy" impacts the physiology
a) It instantly transforms the human body's water molecules to around 40Hz to energize the cells and enhance one's immunity
  • The minute molecular mass will bond to the cellular membrane, and stimulate the mother cell to regenerative growth.
  • It is free of stray current, thus does not generate the positive current aggregation or oxidation, and the high energy current from the clustering of minute water molecular masses helps to increase the cell's electrical charge, invigorating the cells with energy to regulate one's equilibrium and immunity.
b) It offers high penetrability to excel one's metabolic functions
  • It serves to reduce the concentration of blood fatty matter and cholesterol, offering an ideal health enhancement and longevity energy to those suffering from hypertension, arterial infarction, coronary heart diseases.
  • The minute water molecules carry a dynamic penetrability to offer a strong dissolution and metabolic property that is easily absorbable by the human body. It is capable of dissolving the impurities adhered to the blood vessel walls to restore the blood vessel's pliancy, and asfeguard an individual from arterial infarction diseases.
c) It resonates close to the human body cells pulsation frequencies, offering fine cellular hydration property
  • It generates resonance and reverberation when coming in contact with cells, a process that helps to dilute and purge wastes and vectors from the cells, and excels the cells' metabolic regeneration.
  • It is capable of resonating 60% to 70% of an individual’s moisture content, as the resonated water molecules offer an extremely fine yet penetrable dynamic to permeate, soften and slowly dissolve the buildups in organs and blood vessels.
d) The "Cosmic Life Energy", once bonded with the human body, can quickly penetrate every cell and bond with the free radical's stray electrons to offer certain yield in reducing the concentration of free radicals in the blood stream, enhancing one's metabolism, delaying premature-aging, and enhancing one's complexion and beauty.
e) Applying a more dynamic pressure using the pen tip can stimulate the skin, excel the blood circulation, and also helps to ease the shoulder's aches and paints, helping to excel the hypodermal regeneration.
f) Encircling the product on your abdomen in a circular motion helps to eliminate the excessive fat skin, and enhance the renal function.
g) It helps to withstand the electromagnetic waves emitted from the handsets and the environment by eliminating the interference of electromagnetic waves.
h) It can be used to reverberate the bath water for approx. 30 seconds, which reduces the water molecules and enhances the energy to bring you an instance relief of fatigue, and rejuvenate your body with freshness and reinvigoration.
How the “Cosmic Life Energy” impacts the spirituality

a) It brings forth an instance soothing energy that calms an individual’s emotion, and the conditions improve significantly in one to two months, which varies from one individual to another, and tends to be more effective among those that have a calm demeanor. Also it elevates the dream stage with a sense of realistic daytime scenario.

b) It instantly reverberates and resonates an individual's invisible fate to purify and enlighten it (the result will be enforced if the user beholds a gratitude and reflective mindset).

How the “Cosmic Life Energy” impacts the psychology

a) Wearing the "Cosmic Life Energy" can rejuvenate one's thoughts, calm the emotions, and enhance the working efficiency.

b) It helps to improve the quality of sleep to achieve effective rest, ominously restore one’s stamina for clear thinking, as the cerebral thinking process calms and stabilizes to derive a clear focus on problem solving.

c) It restores one's view of life with a persevering approach, and even an elated anticipation, being able to move forward steadfastly, and face the uncertainties in life with ever more confidence.

How the "Cosmic Life Energy" impacts the interpersonal relationship

a) It helps to excel the user confidence and general dealing to be able to solve problems effectively and precisely, and helps the user to perceive a significent exaltation on whose potential and emotional thinking.

b) It helps to improve the quality of sleep to achieve effective rest, ominously restore one’s stamina for clear thinking, as the cerebral thinking process calms and stabilizes to derive a clear focus on problem solving.

c) It enhances an individual with a holistic sense of satisfaction with a positive outlook to people, things and objectives, fostering greater fortune and a bright destiny.

Human Acupuncture Point Massage

Human Acupuncture Point Massage

Cooking diet:

  • To mitigate the taste of food, place the "Cosmic Life Energy" next to the food for a mere 15 seconds.
  • To enhance the aroma, concentration and purity of goods, there is no contact required, but simply encircle the object with the "Celestial Pen" in a counterclockwise direction for 15 times to instantly converting vegetables and fruit, coffee, tea, alcohol, soy sauce, chili sauce among others with enhanced aroma, concentration and purity.

a) Ice-making, wine tasting, hangover, hangover remedy:

  • Resonate the drinking water using the "Cosmic Life Energy" for approx. 15 seconds, refrigerate the water into energy ice cubes, and add them to a Whisky, white wine or Kaoliang glass (where the ice cubes will appear in a hexagon shape for added visual appeal).
  • It mitigates alcohol to become more savory and delicious, without the sharp zingy taste, and less prone to result in a hangover, helping to reduce the harm of alcohol to the liver.
  • The intake of 300 to 500c.c. of energized water formulated using the "Cosmic Life Energy" before drinking helps to prevent drunkenness because the alcohol intake has been halved.
  • If already drunk, drink 300 to 500c.c. of energized water formulated using the "Cosmic Life Energy", and massage the whole head using the dextral technique with the "Celestial Pen" for 3 to 5 minutes for an instant relief and preventing overnight hangover.

b) Making coffee or tea:
Amid the bitterness when making coffee or tea, put the "Cosmic Life Energy" next to the tea for approx. 15 minutes, as the tea tastes more aromatic but without the bitterness, offer a tasty sensation and a lasting aroma.

c) Odor, stench removal:
By putting it next to the foods, it helps to remove the gaminess, odor and bitterness from any food, ranging from fish, meats to shrimps.

d) Placing the "Cosmic Life Energy" next to salt, soy sauce, chili pepper helps to mitigate the excessive saltiness and preserves them from rotting, as all sauces can be kept to their original flavor, with a more aromatic and flavorful taste.

e) By putting a cigarette next to the "Cosmic Life Energy" for around 15 seconds, it rids of the nicotine and sharp tobacco taste.

f) When the energy water runs low while on the road, it energizes the common drinking water.

The impact of the "Cosmic Life Energy" to practical living

Practical living applications:

a) Freshness preserving property - it extends the period of freshness.

b) Removing odor and stench - it breaks down the odor and stench in foods, helping to release the full natural flavor of foods.

c) Reducing the salty taste - it breaks down excessive saltiness, yet keeping the flavor of the food unchanged.

d) Altering the water molecular structure - it breaks down large water molecules to minute water molecules, excelling the soluble oxygen content and making the beverage taste delicious and healthier.


a) Salt - it reduces the saltiness in the salt, converting it into a healthy salt.

b) Sugar - it refines the quality of processed sugar, making it taste savory.

c) Sauces - it mitigates the over-saltiness in soy sauce, chili sauce, bean paste sauce and the like and presents it from oxidation (reducing the use of salt and preservative), preserving the initial flavor of all types of sauce, and making them taste savory and aromatic.

d) Tealeaves - it rids the bitterness in tealeaves, helping to release the whole flavor of the tea.

e) Cigarettes - it rids the nicotine and sharp tobacco taste, and reduces the risk of contracting cancer.

f) Alcohol - it rids the alcohol's sharp edge, making alcohol taste savory, aromatic, pure and enjoyable.

g) Betel nuts - it rids the bitterness of betel nuts, and converts the betel nut's coarse fibers into finer fibers.

Routine healthcare:

a) Headaches:

  • Put the device to the achy part of your head and massage in an up-down sliding motion for 3 to 5 minutes to ease the condition.

b) Nausea, heartburns:

  • Formulate 300 ~ 500c.c. of drinking water using the "Cosmic Life Energy" and gargle the energized water in your mouth for roughly 5 minutes each time, and repeat the process a few times.
  • Simply place the "Cosmic Life Energy" on your stomach.

c) Periodontal disease, toothaches:

  • Press the "Cosmic Life Energy" at the He Gu pressure point opposite where hurt; for example, if the ache appears on the right, then massage the He Gu pressure point on the left, so on and so forth, by massaging for approx. 3 minutes.

d) Burns, blistering, cuts, bleeding:

  • Rines the wound first, and press cotton swab dipped with the "Cosmic Life Energy" at the wound, as it quickly stops the bleeding, and the wound will heal swiftly.
  • In the case of minor burns or blistering, dabble cotton swab dipped with the "Cosmic Life Energy" at the burns, coordinated with cold pack until the stinging sensation subsides.

e) Insect bites, anti-swelling, anti-inflammation, itchiness:

  • Apply the "Cosmic Life Energy" to the infected spot for an instant relief of swelling and itchiness.

Part 7

The "Cosmic Life Energy" remains a best companion to mankind, accompanying you day and night like the sunshine, rain and air, while the human body with added life energy assures a healthy body, for the energy helps to dilute the thick blood, excels the human body's blood circulation, helping to regulate the normal function of major organs.

The lack of energy is a killer to the mankind's health, and the physiological and psychological impact of an individual can lead to a deletion of energy and result in ailment.

Psychological ramifications - anger, sorrow, trepidation, unease, hatred, fear, suspicion, arrogance, etc.

Physiological ramifications - fatigue, poor environment, imbalanced diet, viruses, bacteria, mildew, etc.

For instance: negative emotional fluctuations, or pessimistic emotional fluctuations of trepidation, unease, anger, hatred, fear and so forth are prone to resonate with specific organs to lead to disease, and prone to resonate with specific elements, which when accumulated tend to trigger diseases; for example, the fluctuation of anger is prone to resonate with the pulses of the liver and ovary, which explains why those who are easily angered or enraged are prone to suffer from liver or ovarian ailment.

An individual with enhanced energy tends to feel better, and is able to manage one's own emotions because the presence of positive energy helps to harbor positive motives and a reinforced positive thinking; energy can help to improve those suffering from insomnia or restless sleep, and bring an individual to a good night's restful sleep.

Why urbanites tend to lack energy can be summed up to a few points,

1) As the adage goes that "An abandonment of kindness in the human heart marks a degradation of morality", mankind's negative thinking not only risks depleting nature's cosmic life energy, but the collective negative energy of the masses also result in a negative cycle preventing mankind from receiving nature's cosmic life energy.

2) Accompanying the high-tech development, humans inadvertently turn to sabotage the environment in search of a higher quality of life, and the various tangible and intangible pollutions can also cause earth's magnetic energy to deplete rapidly.

3) Coupled with the towering high-rises that people live and work, the phenomenon also obtrudes the reception of cosmic energy and earth's magnetic energy to impact the humans' health.

Consequently we need to maintain a good mood and embrace all challenges that life has to offer, while it remains an optimal choice for an individual to accompany his/her family besides work for an outing or a picnic, where you get to receive nature's cosmic energy and earth's magnetic energy.

Emotions are prone to resonate with specific organs. The relationship between various emotions and organs (that are prone to ailments) are listed as follows:

Emotion May cause Ailments in
Anger Liver, uterus, gall bladder
Sorrow Blood, arachnoidea, lymphatic organs
Anxiety Lumbar vertebra, cervical spinal nerve
Worry or unease Large intestine, gastro-intestine, oesophagus, rectum
Jealousy Rectum, thyroid
Fear of cancer Brain, heart, uterus, chest or breasts, lymphatic organs, lumbar vertebra
Expressionless stress Brain, bones, oesophagus, spine, parasympathetic nerves, tongue
Grumble Uterus, brain
Distruct or suspicion Heart
Eccentricity Blood, succenturiate kidney, arachnoidea, ovary, throat
Loneliness Pituitary, hippocampus
Horror Arachnoidea, ovary, kidney, testicle, urinary system, throat, anus, hair
Hatred Ileum, skin, spiritual cells
Depression Prostate gland, myocardium, skin, kidney